About St. Anne’s

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The Church of St. Anne is a welcoming, vibrant, diverse Catholic community that lives the Gospel with love and courage.  The Gospel nurtures us to spiritual maturity, empowers us to be good stewards, and sends us forth to preserve the earth and serve its local, national and world communities.

Vision Statement

The Church of St. Anne embodies the vision of the Second Vatican Council which affirmed that creation is sacred and Holy Spirit is at work in all people.  We work to promote the dignity of all life. Every member of St. Anne’s understands that by our baptism we are called to the fullness of life shown to us by the risen Christ.  We experience the beginnings of the risen life of Christ in healthy relationships of love and a strong parish community.  As parishioners we provide an excellent school system and life long-intergenerational faith formation opportunities to guide and support people through personal transformation into the life of Christ. We find strengthening grace for this journey in the Sacraments.  The Eucharist is the source and summit of our lives.  In becoming fully alive and bearing great fruit we give the highest praise possible to God.

As parish members, we live with a sense of gratitude for all God has freely given us and a desire to freely share our gifts in return. At St. Anne’s, every baptized person is given the opportunity to share in Christ’s priestly, prophetic and kingly ministries.  Parish members help each other discern their gifts and empower one another to put them to use in ministries of prayer, family life, faith formation, outreach, justice and governance.  As parish members, we bring our wisdom and experience to all aspects of parish life from leadership decisions to ongoing operational projects.  The pastor recognizes and promotes the dignity, giftedness and responsibility of the laity and leads them by example.

Our parish is financially robust with all parish members who are able supporting parish ministries.  All ongoing ministries of the parish are supported by this tithe, allowing proceeds from all other activities to be used for unique parish initiatives and outreach programs.  Parish members provide a rich variety of ministries in support of our mission, providing access without regard to one’s ability to pay.

St. Anne’s parish practices a sustainable life style by not consuming more than is needed.  The parish facilities and programs are energy efficient and environmentally sound in their use of natural resources.  Environmental awareness is integrated into all of our programming.  And parish members are supported in their efforts to make their own homes and life styles more sustainable.

Among parish members there is no distinguishing between the faith we profess and the practices of our daily lives.  We work with and serve all individuals as beloved people of God.  As called by the Gospel, we give a preferential option to the poor. From the abundance of gifts we have received from our creator we will sustain outreach ministries to those in need in our parish, in our community, in our nation and in the world.