Automating Your Stewardship

Automating your Stewardship Giving: Good for You, and for Our Parish!

No doubt you’ve been approached by your financial institution urging you to consider the advantages of automated bill paying services.  You may not, however, have considered the advantages of automating your  weekly Stewardship commitments.  Let’s do so now!

Advantages to You

There are several advantages to automated giving, including:

  • The elimination of having to prepare your weekly envelope;
  • Not having to worry about catching up for weeks missed due to illness or being away;
  • Potentially more favorable checking account terms* due to fewer paper transactions; and
  • The ability to choose between cash or credit, as well as weekly or monthly contributions.

Advantages to Our Parish

When you decide to automate your Stewardship giving the parish benefits from:

  • A more consistent revenue stream from adult envelope holders, our main source of income;
  • Less manual intervention in processing of Stewardship contributions as amounts are directly deposited into our parish bank account; and
  • A reduction in envelope and envelope collection and processing costs.

Ways to Automate your Stewardship Giving

There are two ways in which you can automate your Stewardship giving here at St. Anne Parish; By authorizing the parish to initiate an ACH transfer from your savings or checking account, or by using the Our Sunday Visitor (“OSV”) online application.

Authorizing and ACH pull from your designated financial institution and account is our preferred method, as doing so does not cost the Parish anything.  The total amount you authorize is deposited into a St. Anne bank account.  Again, with this type of automation, you can select the institution, which account to use.  St Anne will monthly, shortly after mid-month, initiate the transfers.

Using the OSV application gives you the flexibility to set up either recurring weekly or monthly contributions, or to enter individual contributions, with those contributions charged to your debit/credit card.

Go Ahead, Automate!

If you are interested in automating your Stewardship giving, call the parish office for assistance and ask for Lee.  Whether you choose ACH or OSV, you’ll enjoy the convenience, and St. Anne Parish will benefit from the efficiency and consistency of this approach!

  • Many financial institutions offer more attractive checking account terms (e.g., lower costs, higher interest on average balances) if you agree to using a certain level of electronic transactions. Ask your financial institution for details.