Our Mission Statement

Now let’s talk about the Mission statement. Have you heard the expression… I’m on a mission! by someone who is wanting to stay on task? For them and for the parish, the mission is why we exist. And making it clear, makes it easier to stay on task. The better we understand our mission, the easier it is for us to work together on common goals.

St. Anne Mission Statement:
St. Anne Parish cultivates relationships by sharing our gifts to reflect the Gospel of Jesus and the Roman Catholic tradition.

How does this mission statement illustrate why we exist and how does it help us to make church matter?

Let’s talk about how our reasons for writing new statements fit with this missions statement.

Does it…

  • Guide all of us to personally cultivate hearts and strengthen our relationship with Jesus?
  • Make it possible for all of us to become disciples? (A disciple is a student.)
  • Encourage all of us to invest our time, talent and hearts in the success of St. Anne?
  • Help us to form a sense of community?
  • Motivate friends and family to be volunteers?
  • Provide a place where we all feel we belong?

We think it does! And, we welcome discussion from you about it. The Stewardship Committee meets the first and third Tuesdays at 7 am in the Parish Conference Room OR you can talk to one of us by emailing stewardship@stanneswausau.org.

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What’s that? “Vision is an image or picture of what could be an should be. It is a preferred future in which life is better.”
From: Rebuilt: awakening the faithful, reaching the lost and making church matter