St. Anne Mission and Vision Explained

Where are we going and why?  What is St. Anne’s all about?

The Stewardship Committee with approval from the Leadership Group evolved a new Mission statement and a new Vision for the parish.

Why did we do this work?  What difference does it make?  Why didn’t we just keep the old statements?  Who looks at these anyway?

Here’s why.

We all need a guiding light, a prevailing wind, a navigator, a mentor, or another force that is always there when we need direction.  So, for the parish, that is a defining mission (where are we going) and vision ( where we want to get).

We want to make church matter.  And here are a few ways these important statements can do that.

  • Guide all of us to personally cultivate hearts and strengthen our relationship with Jesus.
  • Make it possible for all of us to become disciples (A disciple is a student.).
  • Encourage all of us to invest our time, talent and hearts in the success of St. Anne.
  • Help us to form a sense of community.
  • Motivate friends and family to be volunteers.
  • Provide a place where we all feel we belong.

For these and other important reasons, we re-wrote the old mission and vision statements.  The next article will explain the Mission Statement and why it better defines all of us as members of St. Anne Parish.