Facility Closing/Events Cancelled

There are times especially during the school year, that the area schools have cancellations or early dismissals because of weather, utility issues and or other uncontrollable circumstances. Due to the various reasons, the parish has adopted the policy of cancelling all events that were to occur onsite after 4:00 pm the day of the cancellation/early dismissal. Because of the various reasons for cancellations/early dismissals, the parish staff also readjusts their work ​schedule and become unavailable.

When group leaders, chairpersons, athletic directors, parish staff, or parishioners request to schedule an event to occur after 4:00 pm, you will reminded of this policy especially when scheduling events during winter months, and are responsible for sharing that with your event attendees as the parish will not be contacting you or your attendees. Thank you for ​understanding.​