Safe Environment


As a parish that is a part of the Diocese of La Crosse, we are committed to the proactive protection of all young people entrusted to our care throughout all parish ministries. More than a background check, the Safe Environment program is a process whereby all volunteers are screened and trained to be aware of signs of abuse among the young people entrusted to our care.

The Spiritual Side of Safe Environment

It can be diffcult to see the spiritual side of Safe Environment because we are so wrapped up in the paperwork and legalities of it all. The spiritual side of Safe Environment gives us the opportunity to experience how we as a Church work together to help all parishioners, including ourselves, understand what it means to lead a moral life in God’s eyes.

Seeing how we are to live a moral life through God’s lens takes practice, understanding, and prayer. It also involves making an intentional choice in every situation to live as God calls us to live. In recognizing their dignity, students will treat each person with dignity and respect and expect the same treatment in return. The Safe Environment program is about training children to protect themselves but also about how to respect the dignity of every person through guarding his/her innocence.

The Safe Environment program provides opportunities for all of us to learn how to see and make our choices through God’s lens. The lessons in the program teach us that we are to be treated with dignity and respect, and that we are to treat others the same way. The Safe Environment program is a way that we are able to take care of the Church and the ministry that has been entrusted to us by creating and promoting a mindset of respect and safety and morality that lasts much longer than the school year. We may also see how the Safe Environment program takes care of those working in the Church by providing policies that defend and protect, well into the future, those that righteously give their time and energy to ministry.

Hopefully you will see past all the paperwork and legal matters through a dierent lens and understand the good work you are doing is keeping our young people safe.

Promoting a healthy environment conducive for all who are journeying in their faith.


Who is Safe Environment Training for?


  • All adults or teens (14 and older) that minister with children of any age. Training and updates must be completed prior to working with children.
  • All parish employees – salary and stipend.
  • All Priests, Deacons and Religious
  • All Seminarians and Deacon Aspirants and Candidates

The Diocese of La Crosses’ Safe Environment Program includes:

  • Basic Background Check form – to be completed every three years
  • Parish Employees who have regular contact w/minors must also complete a Comprehensive (fingerprints) Background Check & FBI Release form
  • Diocese of La Crosse Condential SafeEnvironment and Volunteer Questionnaire –updated annually
  • Watch the Safe Environment Video – one time only
  • Verification of Safe Environment Training Form – updated annually

Required annual reading:

  • Red Book
  • Green Book
  • 5 Steps to Safe Environment
  • Red Flags for Adults
  • Red Flags in Children
  • Practical Guidelines for Conduct When Interacting with Child or Young Persons

Links for More Information:

There are Two Ways to Be Trained for Safe Environment

BEFORE You complete the training, you must register yourself as a new volunteer CLICK HERE to Register!

  1. Complete a training session at church held prior to the beginning date of your ministry
    1. Your ministry coordinator/leader will give this the date of your training
    2. If he or she does not give you a date, please contact your ministry leader
  2. Complete the training online at the Diocese of LaCrosse Website once you submit the registration form above, you will then be emailed a link to complete the training.

Please be sure to register or through your ministry contact person at least one week prior to the training session you will attend.

CLICK HERE to Register for a Training Session