Early Childhood Faith Formation

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St. Anne’s Faith Formation Programs: An Introduction

The Church of Saint Anne in Wausau, WI offers many opportunities for families to instill a love for God and the sacraments in their children from birth through their teenage years. Our Early Childhood Faith Formation guides our youngest Catholics through the development of a system of morals and a love for the Church.


A baby’s baptism is the foundation of their life in the faith community. We try to prepare parents for the task of raising a Catholic child as well as prepare them for the sacrament of Baptism.

Each family that requests Baptism for their child will be assigned a Baptism mentor who will guide them through the process. During those meetings, the parents and mentor will discuss the theology of the sacrament, the signs and symbols involved in the celebration and the basics of Catholic parenting.

Cry Room

A floor-to-ceiling window and sound system in the Cry Room on the east side of the sanctuary offers parents the opportunity to participate in the Mass while they tend to a fussy baby in a BabyTrend Expedition-Jogger stroller.

Parish Nursery

The nursery is open during the 8:30 am Sunday mass for children 12 to 35 months.  In this parent cooperative program, parents are encouraged to lend a hand, on a rotating basis, in the operation of the nursery.

Located down the stairs from the West Entry, the nursery is a delightful and safe place for toddlers to play while their parents pray.

Sunday School Faith Formation

This program is for pre-school children between the ages of 36 months to 5 years of age, not including kindergartners. These classes are held during the 8:30 am Sunday mass on Faith Formation Sundays.

  • Begins with children’s lives and helps children discover God already present in their lives and in their homes and families.
  • Incorporates active self-expression, discovery and inquiry, language and thinking, social relationships, music, art and prayer.
  • Helps children discover and value all life and all creation as God’s gift to us. They discover that they can “Make a difference” and change our world for the better.

We are blessed to have a faith filled catechist providing leadership for this children’s program. Parents assist on a rotational basis to aid the regular catechist. Registration is required.

Kindergarten Faith Formation

Once a child reaches kindergarten they begin their faith formation as part of the formal Faith Formation (K-G8) program at St. Anne’s Parish. This dynamic and loving program provides catechetical content, worship, scripture and prayer experiences for a young child’s developing faith.

The children will learn about parish life, liturgy and service as we give witness to a Catholic life. With active parental involvement, the child’s faith can deepen further as they learn about their own Catholic identity.

All of these elements combine to create the foundation for a sacramental life in each child. Each stage of faith education integrates Catholic values into their daily lives. Registration is required.

Parish Library

The mission of the St. Anne parish library is to provide for the enrichment of faith through help in daily living, personal and family devotional and inspirational readings, and Biblical resources. Donations and gifts are accepted for use in the library if they complement our purpose and are physically useful for circulation. Please contact the Faith Formation office to discuss possible donations or gifts. Volunteers to assist in the library with the preparation of books and materials and general library upkeep are always welcome as well individuals to join the parish library committee.

Vacation Bible Camp

A one week, faith-filled and fun enrichment program held mid-summer each year for parish children and friends, kindergarten through fifth grade.  VBS is an opportunity for adults and youth to work together to offer children an exciting week filled with memory making activities. **Find out more about the 2011 Session of VBC here!**

Faith Formation Program Ministry

Looking for the Faith Formation and Sacramental Registration Form? CLICK HERE to download!






Elementary Faith Formation

Children (attending public schools) from first through fifth grades are invited to participate in weekly Faith Formation sessions from. These one hour and 15 minute weekly sessions are held during the school year. There is also a Home Study Faith Formation option available for children in grades 1 through 5.

Middle & High School School Faith Formation

Sixth through 10th grade youth (attending public schools) meet for an hour and 15 minutes, September through early May. Large and small group activities, service opportunities, and parent/youth events are offered.


All families have the option of sending their children (regardless of age) to the hour and fifteen minute faith formation sessions either on Sunday OR Wednesday, whichever best fits the family schedule. The schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday: 9:45 AM–11:00 AM (immediately following the 8:30 AM Mass)
  • Wednesday: 6:15 PM-7:30 PM
  • Keep watching for a finalized schedule coming soon for more specific dates.

CLICK HERE for a link to all schedules

Sunday School for Ages 3-5 (not yet kindergarten)

Stories of God's LoveSunday School Ministry morning sessions allow children to experience a short, faith-based lesson while their parents attend Mass. Each session consists of a short lesson, singing time, crafts and snack. Sessions are held during the 8:30 a.m. Mass from late September through May, and are open to children between 36 months and 5 years (not yet in kindergarten).

Sunday school begins introducing of the “Stories of Gods Love Program”. Through this program we will be helping young children learn about God’s love through music, Scripture stories and the stories of their own lives.  Offered in an easy-to-follow, engaging and age-appropriate way, it is sure to inspire young children and lead them along their developing faith journey.

Notes to Parents: Excerpt from “Creating a Faith-Filled Home” from the publishers of Stories of God’s Love:

The preschool child is willing and wanting to learn about all things. … The preschool years is the best time to introduce them to faith images and ideas. God, Jesus, creation, Mary, the saints, prayers, and rituals will interest them equally as much as the rest of their busy world.

As a parent, you desire that your child grow and learn about many things. During these formative years, introducing your child to your faith practices is essential. The memories they are storing up need to include prayer, as well as formal and informal and religious images. We may be tempted to think that these young children won’t understand these things… Certainly they won’t understand everything or grasp the depth of faith. However, they will absorb the high value you place on faith and its practice. What they see you doing and hear you saying has a very high value, since you are the ones who love and care for them unceasingly.

Your value of Jesus as a friend and model for living becomes their value. Home experiences of faith are invaluable. Praying at meals, before bedtime, thanking God for blessings throughout the day and visual images of faith in your home will be stored forever in your child’s memory bank. Becoming a faith-filled family is one of your many responsibilities as a parent. Take it on with enthusiasm and creativity!



Parents, desiring Baptism for their child are asked to call the Faith Formation Office at least six weeks before the birth of, or reception of, their child.  A Baptism Mentor will be assigned to each family who will work with the parents to prepare for the Baptism of their child. Baptisms are celebrated on designated Saturday mornings and on designated Sundays during Mass.

Godparent Requirements:
1) Parents of child designate the godparents.
2) The godparent must be willing to help the child lead a Christian life in harmony with their baptism.
3) Must be at least 16 years of age.
4) Must be Catholic and have received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.
5) Must lead a life in harmony with the Catholic faith and role to be undertaken.
6) Must not be bound by any imposed or declared penalty under church law.
7) Must be someone other than child’s parents.
8) Only required to have one godparent.
9) If there are two godparents they are to be of separate genders (same gender may be witness).
10) May be godparent more than once.
11) Godparent’s name will be on permanent record and may not be changed after the baptism.
12) Person can be godparent by proxy. (See proxy guidelines below)

Proxy Information
Letter including the following information needs to be sent/emailed to the Pastor by the Godparent who cannot attend. Below are items that need to be addressed in the letter ~ does not need to be lengthy.


Download the Godparents/Proxy Form


First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion occurs during a child’s second grade year of school and is coordinated through the parish Faith Formation Office. By contacting the FF office, arrangements for older children to prepare for these sacraments can be made.

First Communion Preparation: The families with children seeking Communion for the first time are, as you know, presently preparing their children within their homes for the sacrament. As stated before please keep these beautiful children and their families in your prayers.  Our support and prayers do make a difference!