Prayer Chain

We have a wonderful Prayer Chain ministry here at St. Anne Parish for when a family member, close friend, or yourself, is in need of prayers. The primary contact for prayer requests is through an email sent to: prayer requests, please state the individual’s first name and the reason for the prayers. If you do not have internet access you may contact the Parish Office; simply state that you would like to make a Prayer Chain Request and someone will take your request and pass it on. For calls placed after hours please select option 5 of the menu.

Advent Project Proposals Sought

Advent Project Proposals Sought by St. Anne’s Mission Service Committee

If you are volunteering for a non-profit organization that does outreach to people outside of St. Anne’s Parish, here is a chance to help that group/agency. St. Anne’s Mission Service Committee is looking for Project Proposals for the Advent Season. In the past we have raised funds for Blessings in a Backpack, the People to People Project in Laos, the Marathon County Hunger Coalition, the Wausau Warming Center and many more. The project would be promoted during Advent 2015 and would have a maximum fundraising goal of $5,000.

Project Proposal forms can be picked up at the Parish office, in the racks in the south & west gathering spaces of church, and are also available on the parish website. Deadline for submitting a proposal is August 18.

Click here for the proposal form. It is a PDF document. If you cannot open this type of file, please contact the Parish Office at 715-849-3930 to request a different format. 

Circle of Joy

circle-of-joyVolunteers for
the Circle of Joy:

  • Take a weekly meal to shut-ins or people facing special family needs referred by our Outreach Minister
  • Sponsor Share Sunday
  • Respond to emergency calls to the parish, or referrals from community agencies for food or financial needs
  • Visit parish shut-ins on their birthday

Annual Projects include:

  • Thanksgiving Food Baskets for those in need and also food and treats for pets like the karmapets calming treats amazon
  • Christmas season visit with cookies or fruit to parish shut-in’s
  • Manning Salvation Army booth during holiday season
  • Visit parish nursing home patients on St. Patrick’s Day
  • Organize Good Friday pie sale at parish fish fry

Mission Service Project Proposals

Mission Service Committee is looking for service project proposals.  Here is an opportunity for parishioners to make project proposals to the Mission Service Committee.  We will consider projects that serve people in need, whether on a local, national or international level.  These projects would usually have fund raising goals of over $2,000.

To be considered, the project proposals would need to be submitted by August to the Mission Service Committee.  A presentation of the project proposal should include the goals of the project, what resources are requested from the Church of St. Anne (financial, spiritual, facilities, people power, etc.) and information about the project plan and the people who will implement the plan.  Proposal forms are available from Jennifer Kareken in the parish office, call 715-849-3930 x303 or just download from the link below:

Mission Service Project Proposal Form

St. Anne’s Green Team

What is the Green Team?

St. Anne’s Green Team members collaborate to achieve positive, systemic, sustainable living in all facets of parish community life. Team members attend a monthly meeting on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m., in the downstairs meeting rooms. New members are always welcome. Please join us.

The Green Team grew out of the Justice and Peace Committee’s desire to increase eco justice activities in the parish.


Green Team History

The Justice and Peace committee invited some “fire souls” to serve in creating a Green Team and in studying both Catholic Social Teaching and the Natural Step.

The Team began by collaborating with Faith Formation in teaching Catholic Teachings on Care of Creation and in providing a workshop for parishioners and the larger community on eco spirituality and greening a congregation.

A team member volunteered to continue sustainability articles for The Spirit, the monthly parish newsletter.

Team members gave several talks on sustainability at Leadership Training sessions.

Team members contacted Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Duluth about their participation in the Duluth Natural Step process.

The team studied the Gloria Dei documents to learn how another congregation worked with the framework.

The group then began investigating what the church and parishioners were already doing through a parish survey.  (See parish survey results.)

In June 2011 the parish celebrated the results with a display of survey results, other inspirational booths and refreshments.

Survey results were presented at Leadership Training.

Polka Fest saw the Team working on recycling.

The 2012 goal is to continue improving recycling efforts and continue applying the Natural Step process. (See The Natural Step)

Catholic Teaching on Care of Creation:

 “God saw everything that God made, and indeed it was good” Genesis 1:31

“Today, the great gift of God’s Creation is exposed to serious dangers and lifestyles which can degrade it…. We must pledge ourselves to take care of creation and to share our resources in solidarity.”  Pope Benedict XVI

“The world that God created has been entrusted to us. Our use must be directed by God’s plan for creation, not simply our own benefit. Our Stewardship of the Earth is a form of participation in God’s act of creating and sustaining the world. In our use of creation, we must be guided by concern for generations to come.”   United States Conference of Catholic Bishops,  Faithful Citizenship

“The seventh commandment enjoins respect for the integrity of creation. Animals, like plants and inanimate beings, are by nature destined for the common good of past, present and future humanity. You can learn where to get a esa letter from. You can also visit Home Pet Euthanasia a full service small animal veterinary clinic. It (the seventh commandment) requires a religious respect for the integrity of creation.”  Catechism of the Catholic Church


Fair Trade Coffee/Equal Exchange

The Green Team supports the St. Anne’s sale of Equal Exchange, Fairly Traded Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Bars (seasonal).


Products are always available in The Parish Library just inside the door.

Equal Exchange is committed to supporting sustainable farming methods that help green the earth through reforestation, natural resource conservation and organic practices.  It is a worker owned co-operative that helps small-scale farmers create a better future through shared risk and the building of a successful, democratic enterprise.

Outreach: Gospel of Life Ministry

“Our witness to respect for life shines most brightly when we demand respect for each and every human life.”


The Gospel of Life Committee is founded to share the beautiful teachings of the Church about the dignity of each and every human being, from the moment of conception until natural death. This sharing is guided by love, understanding and respect to positively display our Catholic principles in Jesus, the Lord.


The Gospel of Life Committee works to proclaim the divine goodness inherent in every human life and for the protection and reverence for the sanctity of human life. Its goal is to promote the culture of life through prayer, fellowship, study, communication and advocacy, and to assure that the Church of St. Anne lives out the full spectrum of Catholic Social Justice teaching in a seamless way.

Green Team: The Natural Step

What is the Natural Step?

  • A planning framework used to guide communities and organizations toward Sustainability
  • An underpinning philosophy to help people make decisions
  • A nongovernmental organization based in Sweden

Principles of the Natural Step

In a sustainable society nature is not subject to systematically increasing

      1. concentrations of substances extracted from the earth’s crust
      2. concentrations of substances produced by society
      3. degradation by physical means, and, in that society…
      4.  human needs are met worldwide

Learn more:

The Natural Step in 2 minutes (animation)


The Natural Step of Canada (free booklets)

The Natural Step USA

Grief Support Group

St. Anne Parish Pastoral Care Committee is hosting a Grief Support Group for 13 consecutive Mondays starting September 8th, 2014; time 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm. We will gather in the Parish Library at St. Anne Parish. “GriefShare” is the name of the series that we utilize; more information about the program can be found on their website at This is open to anyone & their families, who has lost a loved one. There is no cost and an RSVP is not necessary, but would be appreciated to 715-849-3930.