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Check out all the pics we took. Keep in mind that since all 25 of the youth and adults from St. Anne’s were split into crews with youth and adults from other churches, there are pictures of non-parishioner youth and adults in our collection here. So that is why you see faces you might not recognize. Since this is only a sampling of a few of all of the pictures taken by the St Anne participants, be sure to check back frequently to see pictures as they are added.

Sneak Peak of the Spirit Newsletter

Here is a sneak peak of the August Parish Spirit Newsletter feature article:


2012 Summer Youth Mission Trip Report

July 7-14, twenty-five youth and adults left for the annual summer mission trip to Gratiot County Michigan for a week of service with Group

The St. Anne’s crew just before we cross over into the lower peninsula over the Mackinaw Bridge.

Mission Trips, an inter-denominational organization specializing in short-term mission trips for youth and their adult leaders. Judging by the energy and enthusiasm of the youth and adult chaperones both on the way to Michigan, and the return trip back home, this truly was a life-changing and memorable experience for all that attended. Not only are the testimonies below a sampling of the experiences, but be sure to check out the blog posts, pictures and the two separate newspaper articles two of our participants were cited in at the 2012 Mission trip updater blog: http://www.stanneswausau.org/category/youth/mission-trip/mission2012updates/

THANK YOU one and all for your support of this mission trip experience!! Whether you bought a Cinnamon Roll at one of our sales or a flower basket at the flower sale, or simply prayed for our experience, every effort truly is APPRECIATED!!


“Look, I am making everything new!” Revelation 21:5

One of 39 total projects continues construction.

This scripture reading was the focus of the 2012 St. Anne Youth Mission Trip that was held during the week of July 7-14th.  Twenty five St. Anne

youth and adults ventured to Gratiot County Michigan to join other youth groups from around the Midwest on their quest to help those in need.  Approximately 250 people participated in the week-long session that completed 34 home projects involving decks and ramps, painting, dry walling, etc.

This challenge camp required everyone to move outside their comfort zone as they teamed up with individuals they did not know for the entire week.  Not only did St. Anne youth and adults realize the beauty of meeting others and the power of team effort in completing projects, but the residents also noticed many things as they looked on and watched.  Some residents were out working with the crews, while others were getting their own tools out to help ease the burden and make the job easier, yet others just sat and listened with amazement how strangers (especially youth) could work so hard and get along.  These projects created a renewed sense of hope for the residents and we took something old and made it new.  Our youth and adults created a new sense of spirit…with the belief that anything is possible when you put your mind, heart, and soul into it.

To keep this energy going throughout the week we experienced daily devotions a couple times a day to reflect on how the theme fit into our own lives.  Morning and evening programs also brought everyone together for music, scripture, reflection, and dance – this was truly a celebratio n of the days beginning and end.  Each day we were asked to share God-sightings as a way to recognize how God works wonders with and around us as we set out to do his work.  It was exciting to hear the wonderful ways that God makes a difference in our lives every day when we take time to look.

Throughout the week both youth and adults wrote care cards to one another to show appreciation and thanks for efforts, talents, kindness, encouragement, etc.  Each participant received their cards just prior to going home, which was an awesome way to end the week on a positive note.  In talking to one of our youth, I know he has made new friendships…even the resident he worked for shared her facebook account and wants to keep in touch.  Overall, this experience allowed me to step back and slow my life down a bit… The focus of looking to see newness in what we do and who we meet, helped me have a deeper appreciation of my surroundings.

~Rose Matthiae, Adult Chaperone


In my personal experience at the work camp I helped assemble a porch with two adults and three other teens.  While I was building the porch with my crew we looked for God sightings. During our devotions with St. Anne’s youth group we shared those God sightings. My crew worked great

together and it was great to get to know people from many different states who wanted to show their love for God to the world. Not only did I meet people from different states but I also became closer to others who belong to St. Anne’s.  Towards the end of the week we were asked to do something special for our residents beyond the project we were working on. My crew made two porch pots with flowers in them since our resident loves flowers and she had some back problems, so these were easy for her to reach without hurting her back. Once we completed the porch our resident came out of her house to see what we completed. She started crying because she couldn’t believe that there were people in the world who cared enough to make a porch for her without anything in return. After that I knew I was getting something in return. I was receiving a great feeling of helping someone in need and sharing God’s love with others. In my week at Gratiot County I remembered to look for God in everybody, and to be myself because that is what God wants me to be.

~Ava Giebel, Wausau West Sophomore


Wow!  It is difficult for me to put the amazing experience I had on this mission trip into words.  Never did I think that things this great could come

Andrea Blomquist (middle) with her residents.

out of just one week of my summer in Gratiot County Michigan.  Right from the start, I knew this was going to be a fantastic week based off of the awesome energy I sensed as we arrived.  As everyone gathered in the gym that evening, we got to meet our work crews and learn more about this year’s theme, “Made”.  Along with the bible verse chosen to go along with the theme; “Look, I am making everything new!” – Revelation 21:5.  Each day we broke down the verse a little more to get the full understanding of it.  The next day we headed off to our worksites with our crew.  The crews were mixed up so no one from the same church was together, and I was very excited about that.  Right from the start, my crew seemed to click very well. Although we were all from different parts of the Midwest, and some of us of different religions, we still shared our Christianity and were all there with one common goal: to serve God, by helping those in need in Gratiot County.  This to me was very neat.  It was also amazing to me that although one of the residents we were helping was not religious, he still came outside and sat by us as we did our daily devotions.  To me, this was a God sighting in how we impacted him over the week just by spreading God’s love.  As the week went on, we learned more about the residents we were helping, Mary, had recently lost 90 pounds, and Doug is about to have his third Luxurgery NYC surgery this fall.  The week became less about building Doug and Mary a new porch, and more about sharing God’s love with them and encouraging them to become a new person with Christ.  After all is said and done, this mission trip has done tremendous things for me.  It has opened my eyes wider to God, and made me a new person with Him.  On this mission trip I realized that this wasn’t only about creating something physically new in our residents’ lives, but hopefully creating something spiritually new as well.

~Andrea Blomquist, Wausau West Sophomore


Another One in the Paper!!

Not only was Rose Matthiae quoted in the Morning Sun of Gratiot County, but Samantha Oliva was also quoted in the Gratiot County Herald!!! Check out the article below!!!

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We Made it to the Local Newspaper!!

Check out the article in the local Gratiot County Morning Sun Newspaper our very own Rose Matthiae was quoted in!!!

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Well after a safe drive Saturday the 7th, and a cross over the five mile Mackinaw Bridge to the lower peninsula, we arrived at our layover spot in Mackinaw City. After we were welcomed by the parish community of St. Anthony of Padua Parish for Saturday evening Mass, we took in the sites for the evening and wandered the streets of Mackinaw and had some group bonding for the night, the n went home to give our restless legs a break. Only a few more hours south the next day on Sunday the 8th and we arrived at our home for the week, St. Louis High School, in St. Louis Michigan. Not knowing a single soul or knowing what we were in for, we settled into our classroom-bedrooms, with a Fiesta Taco dinner we were barraged with a slew of information for orientation and knowing what was what and met our crews. Though it may have seemed that every part of the evening was a whirlwind, it is nice to know we have a place to call home and know we are here among other believers and know we are all on the same journey together. Whether we are expected to build a porch and wheelchair ramp with no building experience or knowing the difference between a hammer and a pry-bar, we were all in this together and are looking for the new opportunities ahead of us.

Since we were split up into 24 of the 41 total various work-crews of other church groups and not knowing a single soul, we all start from the same place—square zero— on the same playing field and all seeking to discover the new opportunities we have each day. The residents we are serving are wonderful and appreciative. Whether it is the lemonade to drink for breaks from the residents or their simple smiles, we have truly seen the face of Christ in each other and in our fellow campers. The challenge of the sites stands as a symbol of the challenge to each other that we can indeed step forward and live the theme of the week: “Look, I am making all things new!!” (Rev 21:5).

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Well off to the evening program…. More to come in the next days!!

Pre-Trip Service

The Two Foundations. 24* “Everyone who listens to these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.r 25The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house.s But it did not collapse; it had been set solidly on rock. 26And everyone who listens to these words of mine but does not act on them will be like a fool who built his house on sand. 27The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house. And it collapsed and was completely ruined.” (Mt 7:24-27)

On Monday June 11, Wednesday June 13th and Friday June 15th, a team of youth and adults headed to Michigan put their skills to the test and tried their carpenter skills and took it upon themselves to undertake a pre-misison trip trial wheelchair ramp project. Partnered with Faith In Action of Maraton County, we constructed a 40 ft wheelchair ramp for a resident on the Eastside of Wausau. Confined to her wheelchair, a gift such as this shows that there are simple things we can do to help anyone in need. With the task ahead of us and the need so great, the team proved we are ready for the challenge anything set before us when we get to Michigan!!


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