Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children's Liturgy of the Word


  • Open to children ages 4 through Grade 4-5
  • Opportunity to understand the Gospel message
  • Participate in the Mass celebration at their own level
  • 8:30 AM Sunday Masses – Sundays following Labor Day weekend through the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend
  • New for 2014, we have added Children’s Liturgy of the Word to the 2:00 PM Hmong Language Mass. All are welcome!


  • Introduce children to the liturgical language of the Church
  • Nourish and guide their spiritual growth
  • Immerse them in the Word in an age-appropriate way
  • Reduce disruptions for adult parishioners during the readings from the Scriptures


  • Children’s Liturgy mirrors the Liturgy of the Word for the general congregation.
  • Using the Children/s Lectionary, as well as homily topics and songs designed for children
  • Based on the Church’s Liturgical year

Participants will…

  • Gather with the full assembly in the church.
  • Be sent forth by the priest with a special blessing.
  • Gather in a separate worship space to listen to the readings, pray the Psalm response, listen to a message from the readings.
  • Offer their own prayers and petitions to God.
  • Return to the main assembly when the gifts are presented/collection is gathered so that the children will be present for the remainder of the celebration of Eucharist.