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  1. This video DOES what it says! It drew me, ever so gently, into the quiet space of my own heart, where God’s loving presence and peace were gently waiting. Short as it is, the video quickly gets to the heart and simplicity of quiet prayer — in ways that will not only start you on the journey but keep inviting you back, to learn more and go deeper. Beautiful photography besides! I highly recommend it for all ages.

    • What a beautiful way to teach children (and adults) contemplative prayer. It is through quiet listening that we hear God speaking to us and this film seems to have a direct connection with God. May you be blessed for producing such a beautiful lesson on prayer. I secretly wished that I had heard this as a child.

  2. What a gift we have in this Quiet Prayer video, not only for our young but for all of us! Quiet Prayer is a perfect way to talk to God and to listen to God. It is so important for our youth to develope this prayer and know that it is always available for them. It gives me great hope for the next generation knowing they are being taught this Quiet Prayer, I wish I had had it growing up. I hope to inquire about making it available for our parish!

  3. I know several people who are contemplatives and I’ve always thought they must have been specially called by God. This beautiful video, aimed at children; all children, makes me realize anyone who puts in the effort can find that inner peace and hear the quiet voice of God guiding them.

    Part of me is hesitant to try it for fear that I actually will hear God talking to me, and I’m afraid of what God might ask of me. But the better part of me knows that He’s my “Dad” and what he asks of me is surely the best thing for me and for the people I’ll be lead to touch. What better time than Lent to hear this message and “step out of the boat.”

    Thank you for reaching out with this message to all children, even us 55 year old kids. The headlines tell me this world is headed in the wrong direction, but if we can teach quiet prayer to this younger generation, in Christian religious classes (not just Catholic), and that includes Home Schoolers, I have faith we can turn this thing around. Then maybe the kids can lead their parents and grandparents to try it and we will all finally hear His voice and find our callings.

  4. Beautiful explanation of Quiet Prayer. Very well done! I learned Contemplative Prayer as an adult, however, when this is learned in childhood it can become a way of life & can be carried into adult life. Yes, it takes the time, the stillness, the daily doing……all very possible. In Quiet Prayer we are connecting very closely with our God, we are LISTENING to Him. We become more at peace with ourselves, our areas of “brokeness” are more open for healing. I would like to see this Quiet Prayer teaching be incorporated into CCD Classes. I would like to see it become available for all in the Diocese.

  5. Kelly Francis says:

    This video is fantastic! To get this message out to children is such a great idea. I wish I had seen something like this as a child! I know in “being still” as children or adults, we can better hear and feel God’s guidance! In our rush-rush world it is even more important than ever for all of us to slow down…and experience “Quiet Prayer.” This is a wonderful reminder for me to do just that!

  6. Connie Francis says:

    What a wonderful video! I love the message…and “ditto” on what everyone has said so far!

  7. Mark Ryder says:

    Very good explanation of quiet prayer. As a former PREP teacher I would recommend this to be incorporated into the PREP curriculum.
    It is easy to do; especially with the Leader’s Guide and the bookmark that lists the steps of Quiet Prayer.

    I especially liked the moments when the American flag was shown in the video. This is extremely important-as an American Catholic Christian, I recognize that America is made strong by allowing freedom of religion. I thank God I live in America. A good Catholic Christian makes a good citizen of America.

  8. Jenny Murphy says:

    What a wonderful way for a family to begin to sit in prayer together ! This increasing awareness of God would surely bless them as they celebrate life each day. Jenny

  9. Linda Corey says:

    What a wonderful resource! The video is exceptionally well done and draws both the heart and mind to prayer. I especially like the closing prayer. The leader’s guide gives both realistic and practical advise on teaching or leading quiet prayer. Recognizing that we are human, it acknowledges that there may be setbacks to forming a habit of quiet prayer and offers acceptance and encouragement to be faithful to the practice rather than be concerned with our perception of success or failure.

  10. Wendy Furrer says:

    A beautiful gift to our children (and adults). To teach quiet prayer is to teach our children to truly listen to God speak deep within their hearts, developing a close, lifelong, relationship. No matter where they go in life, they will have the gift of quiet prayer with them. Imagine what wonderful things a person could accomplish simply by beginning with the lifelong gift of quiet, contemplative prayer.

    Created by a truly gifted team; the video is beautifully written, captured, and edited. Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful piece!

  11. Sister Frances Hurley says:

    I have used Christian Meditation with First Graders daily for the past 3 years. I see this DVD as another beautiful way to open children to God’s Love and I plan to show it to my First Graders and share it with other teachers in our school. How beautiful to guide children in a deeper relationship with God.

  12. I have practiced Centering Prayer with my sixth grade students for about twenty years. They find it relaxing, but they seem to intuitively understand that relationship with God involves both speaking and listening. I hope the depth of this prayer will be embraced by many schools in the diocese.

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