Spirits for the Soul: July 5th with Fr. Jesse Burish

Maybe It’s Time to Reexamine Your Religious Roots

School, work, friends, family…. Many adults sense that every part of their lives develops and grows except the religious part.  As a child you knew what it meant to be Catholic, but you’re not a kid anymore.  So, what does it mean to be a Catholic adult?  This summer we are inviting adults, ages 21 and older, single or married, in our area parishes to participate in a very special four-week speaker series called Spirits for the Soul. Spirits for the Soul focuses on the relationship between faith and life.  Everything starts this Tuesday at Charlie’s Sports Lounge, Rib Mountain and continuing Tuesday nights in July. Social hour is from 6:00-6:30, with the speaker from 6:30-8:00.

For more information, contact Brian Dobeck at 715-297-7381 or wausauyag@gmail.com

This Summer’s Line-up:

July 5th — Fr. Jesse Burish: Is Gandhi Saved?: Is There Salvation Outside of the Church?

July 12th — Will Goodman:  Warriors for Christ: Where Does Our Missionary Call Fit into the Big Picture?

July 19th — Fr. Greg Michaud: Does God Really Hear Us?: Discussing the Challenges of Prayer

July 26th — Mike Lambrecht: A Father’s Love Story: Losing a Child After Birth